lisa wilson

I design tactile type. I take life experiences and turn them into lettering made from real objects. I photograph objects, then manipulate them digitally in photoshop. In each piece, I aim to have the object I choose evoke a sentiment and for that sentiment to suit the object.

“Conversation hearts” (from the Bittersweet series) , 2024

“Grandma”, 2019

“Reliable” (from the Resilient series), 2024

“Dosage”, 2023

“Hurt”, 2020

“Breadline”, 2022

“Eat together 1”, 2024

Materials: Silverware Eating together is core to our time with family. I wanted to create something simple to celebrate that activity. I was also thinking about the loss of that practice and how challenging family relationships are for many, so the blue cast is meant to symbolize that challenge.

WOW, 2023

Be Well, 2023

Materials: Needles , photographed and arranged into photoshop

Personal Project: Recovery sometime involves invisible rituals. Due to a recent injury I needed to give myself daily injections for a short time. I know this an ongoing process for many people and wanted to make hight light this invisible practice.

“Chosen” (from the Bittersweet series) , 2024