lisa wilson

I make tactile type. I take life experiences and turn them into lettering made from real objects. I photograph the objects then manipulate them digitally in photoshop. In each piece I aim to have the object I choose evoke a sentiment and for that sentiment suit to the object.

Materials: cactus leaves, scanned in photoshop and arranged into lettering

Personal Project: Christmas Cactus was a ubiquitous plant in my grandma’s garden. I distinctly remember its beautiful blooms, in white , orange or fushia among her many plants.

Like many people with a young working mom, my grandma handled most of the task of raising me and we were quite close.

Materials: Band-aids on paper, photographed, then digitally manipulated in Photoshop

Personal project: A recent medical injury left me reflecting on how we heal. its one of the first question parents or doctors ask a child and it remains a key question we can ask other to really get to the source of the pain.

Materials: Silverware Eating together is core to our time with family. I wanted to create something simple to celebrate that activity. I was also thinking about the loss of that practice and how challenging family relationships are for many, so the blue cast is meant to symbolize that challenge.

Materials: Needles , photographed and arranged into photoshop Personal Project: Recovery sometime involves invisible rituals. Due to a recent injury I needed to give myself daily injections for a short time. I know this an ongoing process for many people and wanted to make hight light this invisible practice.