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Rosie Perea came to me with a tight turnaround on her project. She was working with a student developer and  needed to the logo within a 5-day window to fit his work-term time line. 

She saw a need for a new tool for language learners and she wanted an icon for her new language based app. When people are learning a new language, they have the specific words they need to learn for their profession. Many language based apps don’t offer subject matter experts the ability to store and test stem sites on the words their profession requires.

The app, called Flash Language would help them both store those words and test themselves on the words using flip cards. It also offered the unique feature of being able to record words so users could hear themselves and improve their accent as they learned. 



With a 5 day turn around I asked questions her goals and we agreed to final formats. I began by research other flash card language app Icons. 

To generate ideas,  I wanted to work wth both metaphorical ideas and some concrete ones. The main problem was going to be time and not having the usual time to explore and develop a few directions.  I provided ten designs, which we narrowed to four the next day.  From the four I mocked up, we choose 1 winner which fit with her ideas. 

We then discussed colours. The apps colours where already decided.

Rosie liked the clam colouring her developer had chosen so I wanted to stay in line with those choices.  Though out this process I learned, to  be responsive and remove friction to make sureI hit the deadline. 


I followed up with Rose to make suggestions for marketing the app and getting feedback from users.  With more time I would have created another icon design and completed A/B testing. I continue ot work with her as a beta tester.



Starling Minds is a digital mental health platform in Vancouver, Canada. They use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to help people recuperate from burnout. I had the privilege of working with Starling Minds to design imagery that compliments different sections of the application.

Amelia’s desk

First Step


Ben's Keys

An icon created to illustrate the character Ben’s anxiety when driving

Hand-washing Series

Icons to discuss the topic of repetitive hand-washing

Some additional graphic explorations for Starling Minds.

Amelia’s desk

First Step

First step – alternative

First Step – alternative 01


Starling Minds Illustrations




September – Present, 2023

I had the privilege of working with Starling Minds Inc. to design imagery that compliments different sections of the application.