Creating Better Stories


In the new year, I plan to re-read The Way of the Screenwriter. Specifically, I’m trying to figure out what my priorities are for my next animated project and using it’s advice. Amnon Buchbinder’s book “The Way of the Screenwriter” is an excellent resource to discover ways to make your characters and stories strong.

Story [he says] is a living thing.

I’d say that’s true about anything visual I create.
I’m using his ideas about motive, plot lines and character to make my images stronger too. His style of writing is visual, making his examples incredibly easy to understand. This poetic book reminds me of a book Rilke might like. I can’t wait to see it’s impact on my work.

Makey Makey Work

MMimagephoto credit:

Last year, in addition to my role as a DigiPlayspace Facilitator at TIFF Bell Lightbox, I was invited to give a four hour session to kids ages 8-11 on Using the Makey Makey, a circuit board which allows you to turn conductive materials into a computer key.
The presenation notes can be viewed here:

Some great Makey Makey projects can be seen on the Makey makey website.
I am looking for opportunities to share this fun tool with other children. Get in touch.